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Iodine for Nail Fungus: Does It Work?

Most people associate iodine with salt. It is a chemical element that is essential for human health and, in developed countries, it’s added to salt to ensure the population receives an adequate supply of this element through their diet. Iodine also plays a role in a number of medical treatments which may be why many people with fungal toenail infections wonder if it can help eliminate the problem.

Clear Iodine for Nail Fungus

Iodine is normally a reddish color. However, there is a decolorized form of this element called white iodine. It is a clear liquid that doesn’t stain skin or clothing like regular iodine does. The availability of this substance is regulated by local laws. In some areas it can be found on store shelves. In others, it is hidden behind the pharmacy counter and you must sign a register in order to purchase it.

White iodine is often touted as a solution for strengthening weak nails. Applying this substance to nails is supposed to fortify the keratin and make nails stronger. It also has disinfectant and anti-fungal properties. People who used white iodine to treat nail fungus at home claim it stopped the infection in its tracks.

Treating nail fungus using iodine consists of:

  • Cleaning the nail and trimming it short
  • Drying the nail thoroughly
  • Applying the white iodine on top of the nail and underneath it; however, avoid get it on the actual nail bed
  • Letting the solution dry

The treatment should be done before bed for seven nights. It is important to avoid using hydrogen peroxide on nails that have been treated using iodine; otherwise the nail will turn yellow. Additionally, iodine can dry the cuticles and the skin surrounding the nails. It is a good idea to use a cuticle oil to keep the area moisturized while treating the infected nail.

fungiDoes Iodine Work?

This is debatable. White iodine faces the same challenges as any other topical medication for nail fungus; it must get past the nail plate to destroy the fungus underneath. Allegedly, iodine molecules are small enough to penetrate the nail plate and that’s why it works for some people to clear their fungal infections. However, it doesn’t work for everyone. There are just as many people who say white iodine did nothing to cure their fungal infection as those who say it did.

Whether it works or not, there are precautions that must be taken when using iodine. Improper use of this substance can lead to weaker nails that only feed the infection. More importantly, it can cause serious health complications in people with thyroid problems. For that reason, it is a good idea to consult with a qualified medical professional about how using iodine will affect your health prior to using treating nail fungus with it.

Popular and Proven Solutions

The best treatment, of course, is one that eradicates the infection without causing unpleasant or dangerous side effects. We documented at a number of medical options and home remedies and have found only a few that actually work and that we were willing to recommend. Go to the homepage to read neutral and comprehensive reviews of the top fungal remedies on the market.

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