Curanail Review: Does it Really Work?

Curanail ReviewCuranail is a nail lacquer especially designed for the treatment of mild toenail and fingernail fungus. Your purchase of Curanail will include 3ml of the lacquer that needs to be applied just as you’ll apply nail polish.

Amorolfine, the active ingredient in Curanail was at one time a prescription only drug. This powerful drug attacks the fungus living in the nail bed. In addition to the lacquer, you’ll need cleansing swabs and a nail file to file away the top of the nail.

Before you put your nail file to work, you’ll need to ask a very important question: Does Curanail really work? Is it the best treatment? Read the Curanail review below to find out.

How does it work?

Curanail’s active ingredient, amorolfine, is an antifungal that kills fungal, yeast and mold infections. It impairs the cell membranes of yeasts and fungi making it impossible for them to produce ergosterol. Ergosterol is crucial for the cell’s survival, and without it the fungus will eventually die.

The lacquer acts as a sealant, which keeps out soap and water, so it will stay on the nails for up to one week. This gives the medicine time to penetrate through the nail right to the source of the infection.

What included with purchase?

With purchase, you’ll receive a 3ml Curanail 5% Nail Lacquer, enough to last up to 6 months of application. Also included is a reusable applicator, used to apply the lacquer to the nail. A nail file and swabs for cleaning your nails must be purchased separately.

How to use Curanail?

You’ll need to thoroughly file down the tops of your affected nails before you apply the lacquer. Be careful here, as this might cause bleeding if you get too close to the nail bed. Use a disposable swab to clean the nails after filing. Some people recommend using acetone on the swab to ensure that the nail is thoroughly cleaned. Do this at your own risk as it might be painful.

With your nail filed and cleaned, apply the lacquer to the infected nail’s surface using the reusable applicator. Give the lacquer three minutes to dry.

Use a swab to clean the applicator before you put it back into the bottle. Dispose of the swab and ensure that the bottle is tightly closed.

Repeat the procedure once weekly, using acetone to remove the old lacquer, file (if you have any nail left), and apply a new coat.

How long does it take to show improvement?

According to the manufacturers, Curanail can take as much as one year for the toe fungus to clear up. So, you’ll have to keep up the process of removing the lacquer, filing and application for one year. To be fair to Curanail, it takes time for fungal infections in general to clear up completely.

Doctors recommend that users seek alternative treatment if there are no signs of improvement within three months.


Since Curanail is applied just like a nail polish, it’s easy to forget that it is a medicine with some potentially harmful ingredients. The manufacturer warns that the following groups not use Curanail:

  • Children under 18
  • Pregnant women
  • Diabetics
  • People with poor circulation or compromised immune systems
  • Women who are breastfeeding
  • People who are taking medication that will conflict with Curanail’s ingredients.

This eliminates a large group of people who cannot use Curanail to treat toenail fungus. Although the product is widely available online, through sites like Amazon, it is always wise to chat with a pharmacist to see if this is the right treatment for you –especially if you are currently taking medication for a preexisting condition.

Is Curanail the Best Remedy?

Some users report that they have seen slight improvements in their nails after 3 months of using Curanail. Many them used other treatments with the lacquer and mostly suffered from a very mild infection. The effectiveness of this lacquer on moderate and severe infections is doubtful.

Once an expensive product, Curanail is a now more affordable. This means you won’t make a costly mistake if you decide to try it – at least not costly where your pocket is concerned.

Nail fungus, once it appears, needs to be treated aggressively. It’s important that you use the right treatment to take care of it before it progresses. Unfortunately, the uncertainty of Curanail makes it too much of a risk.

Alternative Options That Work


Funginix is a powerful treatment that lets you treat your nails topically – without incessant filing. It’s powerful formula of all-natural ingredients means that it’s 100% safe for use on children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. It’s also safe for those who are using prescription drugs for other medical conditions.

As per latest user reviews it seems to be the most effective remedy. You can learn more about Funginix before you give it a try, visit the homepage to find out more.

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